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December 1st - Pastor Matt Smith

"Looking Ahead"

Questions for Reflection:

      - Where is Christ in the things you are looking forward to in this season?

      - How do we share the hope of Christ with our community and the world?

12/1-Looking Ahead - Pastor Matt Smith
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November 24th - Pastor Matt Smith

"The Universal Christ"

Questions for Reflection:

      - Where do you experience Christ?

      - How does your life bear witness to Christ’s rule?

November 17th - Pastor Matt Smith

"Thanksgivings (Part 1)"

Questions for Reflection:

      - What are the things in your life that God is doing, for which you are 


      - What are the words and wisdom that God is giving to you?

November 10th - Pastor John Burow

"Our Duty and Delight?"

Questions for Reflection:

      - What perspectives, attitudes, experiences are prompting you to  

        be generous?

      - Does your view of life tend towards scarcity or abundance? How

        did that happen?

November 3rd - Pastor Matt Smith

"For ALL the Saints"

Questions for Reflection:

      - What makes you ‘leap for joy’?

      - What is God teaching you through the saints?

11/24-The Universal Christ - Pastor Matt Smith
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11/17-Thanksgivings (Part 1) - Pastor Matt Smith
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11/10-Our Duty and Delight? - Pastor John Burow
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11/3-For ALL The Saints - Pastor Matt Smith
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October 27th - Pastor Matt Smith

"Reforming As One"

Questions for Reflection:

      - How Is God’s Word making us one?

      - How are you continuing in God’s Word?

October 20th - Pastor Matt Smith

"All Night Long"

Questions for Reflection:

      - Where are you encountering God?

      - How can you be more persistent in your prayers?

October 13th - Pastor Matt Smith

"Reaching Out in Gratitude"

Questions for Reflection:

      - How is God reaching (healing) you?

      - How are you reaching others in Gratitude?

October 6th - Pastor John Burow

"Freed to be Bound"

Questions for Reflection:

      - What “faith seeds” were planted in your life, and by whom?

      - What might be at the growing edge of your faithful serving?

10/20-All Night Long - Pastor Matt Smith
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10/13-Reaching Out in Gratitude - Pastor Matt Smith
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10/6-Freed to be Bound - Pastor John Burow
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10/27-Reforming As One - Pastor Matt Smith
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