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Celebrating Women's Ministry

The women’s groups of Bethlehem have been active since the church began in 1924. Even though the names of the groups have changed over the years, the mission has stayed the same: to serve God, to serve our church, and to serve others. During the month of May, as part of our series, ReformationLIVES: Celebrating Our Shared Stories, we will celebrate Women’s Ministry and all of the work that they have done for the church. Our Celebration Service will be on Mother’s Day, May 14. Please share stories and pictures from your favorite Women’s group event.

The Women’s Triennial Gathering, one of those important events, has been part of the BELCW for many, many years. This year, in July, the Women of the ELCA will be celebrating their 10th Triennial Gathering in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Bethlehem has sent at least two women (usually more) to every one of them. This year we are sending 16 women, the most ever. The theme this year is “All Anew”, based on Isaiah 43:19 – “I am about to do a new thing…” The theme calls us to transformation and calls us to become All Anew. While there, we will enjoy laughter, prayer, worship and conversation with 3,000 Lutheran women from across the country and beyond. We will come home inspired, encouraged, and activated to act boldly in our faith.

If you have stories or information to share about your experience in Women’s Ministry here at Bethlehem, contact Amanda Schneider.

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