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Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church Women

BELCW is one of 7000 congregational units of Women of the ELCA. (WELCA) We invite women to experience the reconciling and transforming love of God through Jesus Christ, encouraging women to act on their baptismal covenant. All women who are members of Bethlehem are automatically members of BELCW. We are one of the most active WELCA groups in Michigan. We have three Circles that meet monthly for Bible study, stewardship/mission projects and sistership. Please feel free to drop in on one!


Meets on the second Monday of the month in the Library on the lower level at 6:30 p.m.


Meets on the third Monday of the month in the Library on the lower level at 6:30 p.m.


Meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the Library on the lower level at 1:00 p.m.

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Nov 2018 Quilts 8
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Happening Now

The BELCW (Women of Bethlehem) is an active group of the church. The board is in need of a Vice President for 2021. The VP is a one year term (second year to serve as President) As the Vice President you will welcome new members, attend monthly board meetings and observe and learn from the President.

All women members of BELC are members of the BELCW. Please consider volunteering.

  • 70 sheet spiral notebook

  • Ruler w/cms & inch markings

  • Blunt scissor

  • #2 pencils-unsharpened

  • Black or blue ball pt. pens-no gel

  • Box of crayons-16 or 24

  • 2.5" eraser

  • Pencil sharpener

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School Kits
  • Lt. weight, dark colored bath towel. 20"x40" to 27"x52"

  • Bath size bars of soap in original wrap. No hotel size.

  • Adult tooth brush

  • Sturdy comb (no picks or fine toothed)

  • Metal nail clippers


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Personal Care Kits
  • Light weight cotton T-shirts

  • Sleepers or gowns w/o feet OR pants & shirt outfit

  • Med. wt. receiving blankets-cotton or flannel; knit/crochet to 52" sq.

  • Cloth diapers-flat fold preferred

  • Hat-knit, cloth or crochet

  • Socks

  • Bath size gentle soap-original wrap

  • Diaper pins or large safety pins

Baby Care Kits

Include sizes 6 to 24 months

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  • 2-three yard pcs. of cotton or cotton blend-44" wide

  • 2 spools of neutral or matching threads

  • Ribbon or rickrack to tie bundle and that can also be used in clothing construction

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Fabric Kits
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