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Congratulations on your engagement!

Bethlehem Lutheran Church is happy to provide weddings for church members and their immediate family members.

The first thing to do is contact the pastor and call the church office to schedule your wedding date:

Contact Pastor Matt

Church office ph:  517.482.3225

Once your date is set, you will be contacted by a wedding committee member.


SEATING Our sanctuary seats a maximum of 250. Comfortable is 200.

MUSIC If you desire organ/piano music for your wedding we suggest that you contact our organist/pianist as soon as possible. The organist/pianist, Takis Pizanis, should normally be contacted at least two months before the wedding. It should be remembered that all music used in the church ceremony must be discussed and agreed upon by the minister and organist. If he is unable to play for your wedding, he may recommend an acceptable substitute. 

REHEARSAL Because of many details involved, it is strongly encouraged that the entire wedding party be present ushers, attendants, groomsmen, all parents, etc. Out of consideration for all concerned, the rehearsal should begin promptly at the time scheduled. Your wedding rehearsal is scheduled for one hour. Each wedding participant has responsibilities to be fulfilled during the service and is carefully briefed at this time. The couple should contact the church office concerning dressing rooms, time church is to be open, etc. 


USHERS   Ushers should arrive at least 45 minutes before the wedding. Ushers will seat all guests, particularly family, light the candles, and pull the runner, if one is used. 

ACOLYTES   Acolytes should arrive at least 30 minutes before the ceremony. Ushers may serve as acolytes.

FLOWERGIRL AND RING BEARER   It is strongly recommended that they be age 4 or older.

WEDDING ASSISTANTS  The wedding assistants for your wedding (from a volunteer committee of church members) will be in contact with you before the wedding to answer your questions about the church. They will help the wedding party before the wedding ceremony; check the rooms, make sure everyone has the correct flowers, help organize the receiving line, check lights, help the ushers, and help with the flow of the wedding. They will be present at both the rehearsal and wedding. 

FLOWERS You may use any florist you wish, but we would like you to inform us as to your decorating plans. Discuss this with your wedding committee assistant. We have white bows that can be used on the pews (there are 9 pews down the center aisle on each side (18 total).. The church is open 2 hours before the start of the ceremony. Please advise your florist and photographer. Boutonnieres and corsages must be labeled. If the flowers are being taken to the reception, please assign someone to transport them.

RUNNER If a center aisle runner is desired , we have a white cloth runner that may be used. Cleaning fee $50.  The length of the aisle is fifty feet from the door to the first riser. Flower girls may not toss fresh flower petals. 

CANDLES Two candelabras are available for use (7 candles each). Candelabras and the two altar candles are liquid oil filled. Candles should not be removed from their holder, moved or tipped. Aisle candles are available for use also. ($25 usage fee) and 2 sizes of window candles are available free of charge

DECORATIONS  You may use any of our decorations or provide your own. We are happy to help set them up at the rehearsal for you.

  • UNITY CANDLE  A silver set and a glass set are available for your use or you may provide your own. You must provide the candles.            

  • MEMORY CANDLE   If you wish we will set up a table for a memory candle and pictures.

  • WEDDING BANNER is available for your use..      

  • WREATHS  Heart shaped wreaths are available for use on the sanctuary doors.

GUEST BOOK   If you will be using a guest book, bring it to the rehearsal.

PHOTOGRAPHER The couple should provide a copy of the following photography guidelines to her photographer. Have the photographer and/or video photographer check in with the wedding coordinator prior to the wedding ceremony.

PICTURES We recognize how important the role of the photographer will be in your wedding. We request that during the ceremony itself: 

  1. Time exposures, without flash, may be taken from the back of the sanctuary. And for your guests it is helpful to put a note in your wedding program that all photos during the ceremony should be taken without flash.

  2. Photos of the bridal party may be taken from the back before they start down the aisle and as they leave the altar at the end of the ceremony. 

  3. We will be happy to reenact any part of the ceremony for pictures after the wedding. 

  4. Video cameras should be placed appropriately in a stationary position.

  5. All picture taking before the ceremony should be concluded 45 minutes before the service begins. NO FLASH PICTURES DURING THE CEREMONY!



FOOD is allowed ONLY in the 2 rooms, not in the entrance or Sanctuary.

NO SMOKING CAMPUS Please inform your wedding party and guests that the church building, all grounds and parking lot are smoke free.

NO ALCOHOL is permitted in the church building or on the grounds or in the parking lot. 

VALUABLES  It is strongly recommended that all wedding party valuables be locked in their cars before the ceremony.

The links below will provide you with information about how the wedding committee can help to make your wedding run smoothly and be a beautiful day.


Wedding Information Sheet – to be completed and returned to your wedding coordinator:



If you have any questions, feel free to contact Audrey Olson

Committee Members:

Audrey Olson - Lead

Sue Christiansen
Sharon Drake
Rebecca Jordan
Betty Holmer
Joann Kern

Betty Bonney

Claire Hipps

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