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ReformationLIVES: Celebrating Our Shared Stories

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As we look towards celebrating the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation in October 2017, we have been taking time to reflect on the stories of the Lutheran church, our congregation, and the people of our church family; the stories that bind us together. Stories define us and are expressions of who we are. Our overarching story is the story of God’s love for all creation and the salvation given to us through our trusting faith in the death and resurrection of Christ. Our Reformation faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace that finds expression in liberated service to others. As we celebrate our stories we will see how faith has led us in sacrificial service to others.

For the month of November we will celebrate our members who have served in Military Service. We would like to highlight those that have served their country. We would like to hear stories about how God impacted your time in the service and how your service impacted your faith life. Please submit names and pictures (maybe a picture in your service uniform…) of those members of our congregation who have served or are currently serving in the military. We will celebrate these members on November 13th. Please contact Don Telles or Amanda Schneider with any questions.

In December we will be celebrating our shared stories of Family Christmas Traditions. December is the time when we deck the halls, share gifts, go caroling, eat too much, and of course… go to church. But is also a time to tell stories and share memories that bind us together as Christians. These are the stories that each of us brings from our own experience of Christmas. Together, our memories form the story of a greater family to which we all belong: the family of Christians, the family of Bethlehem.

In the weeks prior to our celebration of Family Christmas Traditions on December 4, we will be gathering your memories in answer to the questions below. Start thinking about stories you would like to share as we celebrate our shared stories of Family Christmas Traditions:

  • What was the Christmas season like for you as a child? How is it different for you now?

  • Share a memory of decorating, cooking, and/or celebrating the Christmas season.

  • Share a memorable Christmas Eve/Morning tradition.

  • What are you favorite Christmas season events? (Ex. Christmas programs, caroling, etc.)

Monthly Themes for 2017

January – Celebrating the history of Civil Rights

February - Celebrating our journeys of health and wellness and those that work/have worked in the Health Care fields

March - Celebrating Youth Ministry for current and past youth of this congregation

April - Celebrating the care of God’s Creation

May - Celebrating the history and current work of the Women of Bethlehem and Women of the ELCA

June - Celebrating those that have/had jobs in the Building Trades; the people and industries that built Lansing and the Church

July - Celebrating Camping Ministry and how it has impacted the lives of so many

August - Celebrating our work with Global Missions and Mission Trips across the country and right here in Michigan

September - Celebrating those that work/have worked as Educators (at any level) and Christian Educators

October - Celebrating Family Trees and Each Member’s Story and those stories that connect them to Bethlehem as we commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation!

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