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2019 Rummage Sale One of the Best Ever! - By: Kelly Carpenter

Just finished our annual church Rummage Sale! We had our second best year ever! I want to give a big shout out of thanks to my CREW who makes it possible to have this event. Behind the scenes people know that this is really a seven day event, even though the sale is on for three days. From setting up the tables and racks and emptying the stage, to sorting and pricing, it is a magical transformation from the social hall to SALE DAY and then back to normal again.

I had several people, this year, that were around to witness this work and they could not believe the time and organization that goes into this mission; to fund the women’s group budget. It amazes everyone how much junk/treasure our congregation can come up with each year. Opening Night is something to experience, as people are lined up waiting at the door to come in and shop. The first hour or so can be pretty crazy. We really do have very reasonable prices in service to our neighborhood and we see many customers coming back year after year. On bag day, everything can fit into a bag...even a chair or bicycle!

I won’t lie, it is a big job, but it is one of my ways to give of my time and talents. It is a time to enrich relationships with church family and spend time working together. It is a time to see the day to day workings of the church and daily actions that go on that we would not be aware of. It is such a good way to be part of something and include so many workers; making us feel closer and strengthening our bonds as Bethlehem members. Thank you All!

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