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Looking Back With Gratitude on “Rock the Block” in Baker Neighborhood - by Rose Palmiter

Our mission is to build strength, stability, self-reliance, and shelter because you, me, we — we’re all humans. And every single one of us deserves the opportunity for a better future.

During one hot, humid week in July, the community gathered at Bethlehem Lutheran Church to “Rock the Block” with Habitat for Humanity Capital Region. Groups of volunteers filled the gymnasium each morning to have some coffee, meet their Core Crew construction leaders, and prepare for a day of hard work in Baker Neighborhood.

In one whirlwind week, we were able to serve seven households, complete two community projects, and make significant headway on an ongoing Habitat Home Renovation. Over 100 volunteers provided a combined total of 759 hours of labor performing critical home repairs and neighborhood beautification in Baker. It is amazing to witness the amount of good we can achieve when we come together as a community to care for our neighbors.

We saw many familiar faces throughout the week, of both volunteers and homeowners. Last year, Habitat Capital Region made a three-year commitment to focus our support on Baker Neighborhood. Since then we have developed a constant presence in the community year-round providing discounted repair services and empowering residents to improve their community.

The homes in Baker are nearly twice as old as the regional average and the poverty rate in the community is approaching 50 percent. The cost of maintaining an older home can be significant and for many residents, traditional repair services remain out of reach.

Through programs like Rock the Block, and in partnership with community partners like Bethlehem Lutheran Church, we are making affordable home repairs assessable to the people who need them most.

Rock the Block is coming back to Baker for another high-energy, high-impact week of revitalization this fall, September 9-13. Visit our website, to learn more about Rock the Block and the many ways Habitat Capital Region is involved with the community.



Communications & Data Coordinator

Habitat for Humanity Capital Region


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