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Thank You! | November Edition

thank you

From: Eleanor and Tom Finn

Eleanor and I will miss sharing Sunday services with all of you caring members.

We have enjoyed working side by side with many of you on committees helping our church grow and serve others.

You will always be in our hearts and prayers.

May the Lord bless all of you with Peace, Love, Good Health and Happiness!


From: Gloria Robbins

Pastor Matt, Pastor Dave and Bethlehem Lutheran Church,

It is my firm belief that the prayers and support from you all helped me to survive my open heart surgery. I continue to heal while becoming stronger every day. Thank you and God bless.

Love, prayers and blessings to you all


From: Marv and Laura, Faith and Annabel Halbakken

Our Bethlehem family never ceases to amaze us with your outpouring of love and support. And this past couple of months after Annabel fell into the campfire on Labor Day weekend has been no exception. Our hearts are overflowing with thankfulness for all you did and are still doing to help us get through this difficult time for her. Your faithfulness in prayer was felt by us all and gave us a sense of calm knowing that God was there with us. Annabel’s days were brightened daily in the hospital with stuffed animals, craft projects, cards, phone calls and other goodies. Your travel time to Flint to visit her was just as healing for us as it was for her. People ask us quite often how we get through these tough times. We are so blessed to be able to tell them that our faith in our Lord and the support and love of our church family are what hold us up and get us through. We can’t tell you enough how much we love you, and thank God that our faith journey includes you as part of our walk. Thank you from the bottom and tops of our hearts!


From: Marcia L. Beer | Executive Director Southside Community Kitchen

Dear Partners at Bethlehem Lutheran Church,

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to speak with a women’s circle group at The People’s Church. I shared with them the many changes that the Southside Community Kitchen has had over the past year, including the move from Christ United Methodist Church to St. Casimir's, adding another part time staff member to set up and tear down our tables and sweep, mop our kitchen and dining areas. I also spoke about how our capacity for feeding hungry people has increased. We added eight new kitchen volunteers who help prepare meals. Our head cook on Monday and Wednesday is off on leave through December for a complete knee replacement, so our Tuesday and Thursday cook is covering her shifts.

One thing has not changed. We continue to serve meals to anyone who comes to us hungry for as long as they need help. We serve with great care and offer exceptional hospitality to everyone. We continue to serve high quality, highly nutritious, and well balanced meals. We continue to be successful in our mission because of our supportive community who give of their time and their money. Thank you for continuing support of our on going mission. We are grateful for your $117.00 gift that makes such a difference in our community.



November “Thank You” Offering

God blesses us every day in many ways. Occasionally, there is a special blessing…a recovery from illness, the end of a long worry, the answer to prayer.

Thank God for those special blessings. Gifts received during November will be used to help high school youth in the congregation attend the Lutheran youth “Gathering” in Lansing.

Please use the pew offering envelopes and designate the box for Thank Offering.

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